Monday, September 10, 2012

a few of my favorite things this week...

it has been a CRAZY week around here - finishing those last little things you say you'll get to but never do until you are expecting not just guest but hosting your absolutely blissful friend "get ready to wed" party at your house!!! Soooo we've been busy working and SHOPPING!!
Priss lost her 2nd front tooth! I was giving her some medicine and something fell out of her mouth...hahahaha - it scared me for a sec until i realized what it was! her toothless grin is the cayutest! tooth fairy loot - a doll and some play jewelry!
We went to the lake for Labor Day and ventured to Sumter to do some shopping - they have a hardware store called has an Ace/Sports store/home decor/flower nursery all wrapped into one - Mike said it was his favorite store ever....I saw these and immediately fell in love with them! they were $25 each....what a steal!! they're up in the dining room! Pictures to follow!
Charlotte's new bed...Mike picked it out and brought it home thinking i would recover it and i loved it!!
I went shopping at Homegoods today...after seeing all the blogs I shopped a whole new way - i went in looking for what i loved because i thanks to y'all have a new eye for design...THIS said "hey take me home - i want to put it on the deck outside i got new pillows for $5 each at lowe's and forgot to take a picture so it goes with that! I got this on sale for $22
UM - HELLO hot pink lamp with chevron shade??? I had a lamp for annie's room to spray paint but for $29.99 it jumped in my cart!!
this was $14.99 (it's real wood) and is going to be perfect above the bat shelf we're putting in the boys' room and it was the perfect color (dang gamecocks) all in all a pretty productive week filled with lots of good finds! stay tuned there's MUCH more to see!!


  1. you have some great finds - i love the flower pictures!

  2. It looks like you are on a roll! I completely agree about how company motivates you. I'm still amazed at what I got done last fall before our house guests came for Thanksgiving! happy nesting!