Thursday, October 4, 2012

maybe it's the chairs??'s taken THIS long for us to come up with a decision.....out with the old in with the new - couch for several reasons 1) we have been crazy busy! we have to send one of the chair slipcovers so they know which one it is and we've had so much company i thought a coverless chair is even worse than their sad state.
2) it's been SO HARD to pick which one we want...i really really really want a white couch - i see them on everyone's blog and they just look so pretty, southern and bleachable! it really brightens up a room and everything goes with white BUT mike says it's too much , will always be dirty (and he does do some of the laundry) and doesn't like it - big sigh....sometimes you have to know when to fold em....

sooooo....this is the chosen one!
khaki couch - blue trellis chairs - navy blue pillow accents

what do you think?  do you love it? i'm trying to....
(i still have a little time to change my mind)

1 comment:

  1. I like it! I have to agree with Mike here, that white would rarely stay white. :(