Tuesday, August 21, 2012

obsessed....maybe a bit too much!

YES i have a problem!?!? they say the first step is admitting it! i can't seem to help myself ~ HELLO MY NAME IS DENA AND I LOVE BUFFALO CHECK!
I saw this on pinterest and thought it wouldn't be too bad for the boys' room? you want something "cute" but they are boys! When asked about it they said they wanted a "gamecock room" omg - how can i sneak orange into this room..hahaha
I may not have gotten orange in there but buffalo check?? OF COURSE!! this is their room in progress...we've still got some work to do!!
I've had this chair since annie was a baby...buffalo check timeless? check!
I saw this on http://oakridgerevival.blogspot.com/2012/03/i-heart-ikea.html
at the exact same moment one of my friends checked in at ikea on fb (our closest one is 3 hours away) presto chango and this is what our bed looks like now!! (before pictures later)
hahaha...no you aren't seeing things - that is check drawer liners!! we were walking through lowe's and i saw it soooo.......
now my drawers are lined AND i found these dish towels at Big Lots for $2 each I bought like 20 bc i didn't want to ever run out!! (and they're organic - haha)
mom and i (mostly - really all mom) i couldn't find the fabric i wanted anywhere - this is a little darker than i wanted but it looks fine - kitchen curtain (how to to follow)
I have been looking and dreaming and telling mike if i could just get check dishes i would be the happiest girl in the world - i went on pinterest this morning and SEE THESE!! yes, i clicked the magic link to make sure they were for real!! guess what just went to the top of my wish list?!?!?!?! so....do i have a problem?? what are you obsessed with in your house???


  1. Thanks for featuring my bed! I am obsessed with buffalo check, plaid and stripes. There, admitted it. Love those dishes too.

    1. thanks for the new bedding idea!! I've been trying to talk mike into a buffalo check house - hahahaha

  2. Looks Great! I need to do my house too! That will never happen though. :) And I can even may my own crap!!! So sad! LOL

    1. it's a work in progress...oohhh i be happy to help you and spend kane's money - tee hee!

  3. I love it all! That chair is amazing. I think I might be suffering from the polka dot version of your illness.