Wednesday, August 29, 2012

welcome to the hotel sherwood....

My dahling, gorgeous friend Jen is getting married to Shane who we adore in 17 days!!! I take FULL credit for making that match!! Everyone is coming to Charleston to celebrate the big day! Mike and I LOVE having people at the house...truth be told we don't want to miss any of the fun so we've invited people to stay with us...we just have a few more things to do on the house and have put project "get that sh*t done" in full effect!
we are renting so of course EVERYTHING (except the kick ass hardwood floors) are builder grade = CRAP .... we are very fortunate that the landlord has given us free reign on the house - all of our projects are upgrades but it's not our house so we don't want to put too much into it - enough to not cringe when we go in a room without it costing so much we want to take it with us when we go...
i don't think there's anything a nice coat of white paint can't make better and brighter except white paint AND rubbed bronze spray paint! ahhh instant smile
it is amazing how changing knobs from brass to rubbed bronze can change an entire look even on your linen closet (no pictures of the inside - too messy)
our vanity is uber sad...there is seriously nothing cute about this area - mike and i have been trying to figure out what to put in there knick knack and picture wise to try and help the poor thing...its.just.too.sad.
ugh, the only thing the crisp white paint and rubbed bronze did was make the top even more pitiful....does anyone have ANY ideas about how to pretty it up?? i am even willing to do a CHEAP "cost effective" resurfacing!! what does one put in a vanity before you get into the bathroom as decor??? HELP?!?!?!


  1. Get a formica friendly paint and make the top black! LOVE aqua mirror!

  2. It's amazing what white paint can do! It's looking great. Wish I had an idea about the vanity. :(

  3. The vanities look awesome. So much lighter and brighter!! I like the idea of painting the top also. Here's a great tutorial on how to do it.

  4. See if you can find some granite, marble or corian scraps. We did a whole little condo kitchen in scraps for a fraction of the real price! Your house is looking laaah-vley!