Monday, August 6, 2012

to begin at the beginning....

When Mike and I started looking around for a new area to live with I had narrowed it down to 2 areas..Park Circle and Hanahan - both well established neighborhoods with lots of charm....what some people call seedy we refer to as eclectic! We decided to have lunch in the Park Circle area to get a "vibe" and ended up eating at Sesame Burgers and Beer - the food was wonderful but the atmosphere was amazing - very bustling and urban when we got in the car and drove around to look at houses we knew that was the neighborhood for us!! SOOOO the hunt began - the houses are pretty similar - brick ranch BUT we had a specific need - 4 bedrooms was at the top of our list... we needed a bedroom for us, annie, the boys and an office for me - we saw LOTS of cute houses but none fit the bill until......THIS ONE
4 bedroom fully renovated house!! how much?? $975/month we want to rent to make sure it's where we want to be....this was a new area to us
they have redone the hardwoods - aren't they gorgeous??? (this is the living room)
brand new bathroom ~ this is the 2nd bathroom
which is off of the 4th bedroom (i'm kind of curious about a bedroom that has a washer/dryer closet in it) the only carpet in the be used as the office
the hall bath..hmmmm why is the vanity outside? and if you're going to redo the entire house - why didn't you fix this burned top? (no i'm not really that picky - i can fix that)
the's "cozy" but totally usable and NEW!
WOW - paneling?? that is a LOT of darkness
hmmm...what can I put in here??
NEW stove all clean and shiny - I can mess that up in 2 meals!
Bathroom - complete with "retro" glass doors
living room - our furniture will be so cute in here
our bedroom
the thing Mike was the most excited about in the house BIG closets (for this era home) and believe me he's packed ALL THREE with his clothes!!!
the boys room or annie's room??? they were the same size and it's hard to see the difference
what's right past the vanity toilet!! when we met with the landlord i asked if we could make some changes... G "like what?" me "how attached to that paneling are you" G "not that attached" me "I PROMISE it will look better when we're done" G "oh i thought it looked pretty good" OOOPs..hahahaha - well I guess we'll wait and see! WELCOME TO OUR HOME!!


  1. Can't wait to see what you do with this! I am sure pinterest will be heavily involved...


  2. Can't wait to see it Dean-ized! Have fun!

  3. Very nice! Can't wait to see what you do to it!

  4. we're gonna be watching for the changes. glad you have that extra room so the sisters have a place to sleep when they visit!

  5. Congratulations and welcome home!!!